Julissa Delor Having Oral Sex

Here is a picture gallery of Julissa Delor from Teeny Bopper Club. The gallery begins with Julissa Delor reading a Covergirl magazine and then getting hit on by a guy. He ask her if she wants to join the Teeny Bopper Club and brings her over to the studio. Then they sit on the bed and then Julissa Delor stands up and the guy lifts her skirt to show her panties and ass. After that the guy pulls off her top and then sucks her tit. Next she lays on the bed and the guy takes off her panties and eats her pussy out. After that, Julissa Delor is totally naked and she is taking the guy’s pants off and sucks his cock. Then the guy is eating her pussy again and finally he unloads his cum into her mouth

Julissa Delor

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