Franchezca Valentina Getting Hardcore in The Hair Salon

Here is a gallery of new pornstar Franchezca Valentina that I got from American Day Dreams. Have you ever had the fantasy of fucking your hairdresser, well that’s the concept of this gallery, here is how it goes:

How many times have you gone to get a haircut and fantasized about getting it on with your hairdresser … after all the candid gossip, her fingers running thru your hair and especially the way her boobs dangle right in front of your face?!?

The gallery starts off with Billy Glide entering the Salon to get a hair cut, when Franchezca Valentina gets ready to cut his hair, she goes down and sucks his dick instead. Next she bends over the salon chair and gets fucked from behind. Then she gets fucked from the front on the chair. Next she rides his cock as he sits down. Finally she gets a cum load in her mouth and on her chest.

Franchezca Valentina

You can find more of Franchezca Valentina here.

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