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Kimberly Kole Teaching a Sex Lesson

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

Here is a gallery of Kimberly Kole from My First Sex Teacher. This is the scenario:

Professor Kimberly Kole is one sexy teacher who’s feeling a lot of stress in her new job, but her student Derrick convinces her she is a good teacher by letting her teach him the language of love: how to eat her wet pink pussy and fuck her the way she likes it.

The gallery starts with Kimberly Kole writing some stuff on the blackboard and then she turns around and asks Derrick a question. After that she sits on her desk, acting all sexy to get Derrick’s attention and is followed by her kissing him. Then he stands up and Kimberly Kole crouches down and sucks his cock. Next they both lay on their sides on her desk and he fucks her from behind. After that she is laying on the desk with her legs spread and Derrick is fucking her as he is standing. Then she gets up and leans over the desk and she is getting fucked from behind. Finally she is kneeling on the floor and Derrick gives Kimberly Kole a cum load in her mouth and on her face and then she swallows it.

Kimberly Kole

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Jessi Castro Getting Hardcore

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Here is a gallery of Jessi Castro from Latin Adultery. This is the scenario:

Jessi Castro’s husband, Jose has been overseas for a year. She never thought she’d see him again so she’s moved on with Jack Venice. So, not only is Jack fucking another man’s wife on another man’s bed and in another man’s house he’s also bought another man’s wife an engagement ring! Looks like everyone is getting fucked this time!

The gallery starts with Jessi Castro and Jack sitting down to have dinner and then she takes his cock out and sucks it. That is followed with Jack eating out Jessi Castro’s pussy as she lays on the dinner table. Then Jessi Castro gets fucked as she is sitting on the table with her legs spread and Jack is standing at the edge of the table. Next she turns around, leaning on the table and Jack fucks her from behind. After that she lays on her side on the table and Jack is fucking her and finally Jessi Castro gets a cum load in her mouth.

Jessi Castro

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Liv Wylder Sucking and Fucking Black Cock

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Here is a video gallery of Liv Wylder from Giant’s Black Meat White Treat. In the first clip Liv Wylder is getting picked up while in her car in a parking lot. In the next clip Liv Wylder goes on all fours on a bed with not pants or panties on, showing off her nice ass and her pink pussy. In the third movie clip Liv Wylder is totally nude and sucking and deep throating the guy huge black cock as he lays on his back on the bed. In the final clip Liv Wylder is riding the guy’s huge cock reverse cowboy making her squeal.

Liv Wylder

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Amber Rayne Getting Hardcore

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Here is a gallery of Amber Rayne from My Sister’s Hot Friend. Here is the scenario:

Amber Rayne is an aspiring cosmetologist and has a huge test coming up but unfortunately for Matt Bixel, he has to be her “makeup bitch!” Well, he did volunteer for the job expecting to get his cock wet – all his sister’s friends want to get into his pants!

The gallery starts with Amber Rayne and Matt talking, then she goes for his cock and sucks it hard. After that Matt eat Amber Rayne’s pussy out as she lays on the couch. Next she mount Matt’s cock and rides it reverse cowboy and she performs a split as she rides him. After that they both lay on the couch and Matt fucks her from behind as Amber Rayne bend on leg toward her head and plays with her pussy. Then she leans on the couch with her ass in the air and Matt fucks her from behind. Finally Amber Rayne gets a cum load in her mouth and down her chin.

Amber Rayne

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Vanessa James Fucking For Cash

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Here is a video gallery of Vanessa James from XXX Proposal. In the first clip Vanessa James and her boyfriend get a proposal that she can’t refuse. In the next clip Vanessa James takes off her bra, then plays with her tits and then the guys feel her large breast as her boyfriend is in the background watching. In the third movie clip Vanessa James is on her knees and sucking and stroking a guys cock as her boyfriend is watch in disapproval. In the final clip Vanessa James is riding the guy reverse cowboy as he lays on a bed.

Vanessa James

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Summer Lynn Sucking and Fucking

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Here is a gallery of Summer Lynn from SoCal Coeds. The gallery starts with Summer Lynn kissing Kris and then she lifts her shirt and he feels up her breast. After that he sucks Summer Lynn’s tits and she follows that up with sucking his cock. Then Kris fucks Summer Lynn as they both lay on their sides and she has one leg in the air. After that she goes on all four and Kris fucks her from behind. Next Summer Lynn rides Kris’s cock reverse cowboy and finally he unloads his cum in her mouth.

Summer Lynn

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Belly Dancer Audrey Bitoni Getting Fucked

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Here is a gallery of Audrey Bitoni from American Daydreams. Here is the scenario:

Eric and the boys head to Morocco for Scott’s bachelor party … to buy some rugs, drink some tea and admire the belly dancers. But jet lag got the best of Eric and before he knew it, Audrey Bitoni was gyrating her lips and hips all over his stiff dick!

The gallery starts with Eric meeting Audrey Bitoni in the hallway. Then she performs a little dance for him on the bed and stripping to show her large breasts and her pussy. That is followed by Eric fucking Audrey Bitoni from behind as the both are lying on their sides on the bed. After that she rides his dick reverse cowboy and then he fucks her some more as she lays on the bed with her legs spread. Next he eats Audrey Bitoni pussy and then she sucks his cock until he cums in her mouth.

Audrey Bitoni

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Chelsie Rae Having Anal Sex

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Here is a gallery of Chelsie Rae from Fast Times at NAU. This is the scenario:

Anal lesson 101. Chelsie Rae keeps hearing about anal sex and knows everyone’s doing it, so she asks Kris for a lesson. But like any good teacher knows, it’s better to show than to tell. So get out the lube and bend over, baby.

The gallery starts with Kris kissing Chelsie Rae and then licking her ass. After that Chelsie Rae squats down, showing her pussy, and sucks Kris’s cock. Next Chelsie Rae lays on her back on her bed and Kris sticks his dick into her asshole. Then she rides his cock reverse cowboy in her ass, followed by Kris drilling Chelsie Rae’s ass as she has her head on the floor and legs in the air. Finally she gets a cum load in her mouth.

Chelsie Rae

Ramona Luv and Alexa Having Lesbian Sex

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Here is a picture gallery of Ramona Luv and Alexa from My Naughty Latin Maid. Here is the scenario:

I got two of my favorite maids to come back and clean up my place for me. Just a couple of extra dollars and I got them to give me a little show Latina style.

The gallery starts with Ramona Luv and Alexa entering the guy’s house to do some house cleaning. After cleaning a little bit the guy offers them some extra money for them to do the work topless. Then he gives them some more for them to ‘s get totally naked. As they clean the guy’s stairs, they start kissing each other, so the guy gives them some more to see them go all the way with each other. So they start off with Ramona Luv eating and fingering Alexa’s pussy. Then Alexa goes muff diving on Ramona Luv’s pussy as she lays on a coach. Finally they 69 each other on the guy’s dining room table.

Ramona Luv and Alexa

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Tia Sweets Stripping Nude

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Here is a picture gallery of Tia Sweets from Lil Latinas. The gallery starts with Tia Sweets posing in a bikini top and jeans. Then she turns around to show her nice ass and the tattoo on the small of her back. After that she turns back around and lifts her top to show her titties. Next she takes her top totally off and then lays down on the floor posing topless. While laying down she lifts her ass in the air and then she slowly takes off her pants to show her ass and pussy. Next she stands up, posing totally nude. Finally she squats down, spreading her pussy to show pink and plays with her tits.

Tia Sweets

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