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Laurie Vargas Getting Hardcore

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Here is a gallery of Laurie Vargas from Latin Adultery. Here this is the scenario:

Anthony is trying to locate his old college buddy but can’t find his way around the neighborhood so he decides to ask directions. Lucky for him, Laurie Vargas is a “chica caliente” and while her husband is outta’ town she’ll fuck any cock … even “por culo!”

The gallery starts with Laurie Vargas meeting Anthony at the door and then inviting him in. They both sit on her couch and she starts kissing him. Then she grabs his cock, takes it out and starts sucking it as he grabs her tits and pulls them out of the top of her dress. After that she is sitting on the couch and he is fucking her hairy pussy as he is standing. Then she grabs the bad of his neck and pulls him toward her to kiss him as his dick is in her. Next Laurie Vargas is on all fours on the couch and Anthony is fucking her from behind. After that she rides him reverse cowboy as he sits on the couch. Then he eat and licks her pussy and finally Laurie Vargas gets a face full of cum and she sucks his dick.

Laurie Vargas

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Naomi Russell Having Foot Fetish Sex

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Here is a video gallery of Naomi Russell from Barefoot Maniac. The first clip starts with Naomi Russell standing in front of a bed in her red two piece lingerie and getting interviewed. In the next clip Naomi Russell is sitting on the edge of the bed and giving a guy a footjob and playing with his ball with her feet. In the third movie clip Naomi Russell is mounted on the guy with her feet facing the camera and she rocks back and forth on the guy hard big cock, as the guy holds and slaps her round ass. In the final clip starts with the guy holding Naomi Russell’s feet and rubbing his dick as he cums on her feet; then her grabs his cock and cums some more on her feet.

Naomi Russell

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India Summers Teaching a Sex Lesson

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Here is a gallery of India Summers from My First Sex Teacher. This is the scenario:

Kris just transferred from community college and it’s his first day at a real four year school. He wants Mrs. Summer to know that he wants to work “hard” to get those grades!! A great way to impress Mrs. Summer is to slide his “pencil” into her slick love hole. That’s one way to get ahead of the class!

The gallery starts out with India Summers pointing out some stuff in the text book to Kris. Then she puts her foot on his desk, and then he licks her foot and she lifts her shirt and cups her breast. After that she is getting her pussy eaten by Kris as she lays on her side on her desk. Then she sucks his cock to get it nice and had to fuck her which he does as she sit on the desk. Next she turns around leaning on the desk and getting fucked from behind. After that India Summers mounts Kris and rides him reverse cowboy. Finally Kris give India Summers a cum load on her face and in her mouth.

India Summers

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Sharon Kane Fucking a Younger Guy

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Here is a gallery of Sharon Kane from My Friend’s Hot Mom. Here is the scenario:

Sharon Kane’s son and Christian are always hanging out and she’s beginning to wonder about those two. To get to some straight answers she asks Christian some hard questions which really get him going – and it’s not long before they’re both punishing each other’s privates and she’s swallowing his jizz load!

The gallery starts out with Sharon Kane looking at Christian’s hurt ankle and raps it up. Then she notices his big cock getting hard and she grabs it. After that he kneels on the floor and moves her panties to the side to eat her pussy. Next they get naked and Sharon Kane suck his cock as he is sitting on the couch. After that she rides his hard dick cowboy style and then they both lay on the couch and Christian gets fucked from behind. Then she rides his cock again, except this time reverse cowboy and finally he gives her a cum load in her mouth.

Sharon Kane

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Arianna Alyse Teasing and Fucking a Cock

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Here is a picture gallery of Arianna Alyse from Cumfixation. The gallery starts out with Arianna Alyse posing in a bra top and a skirt. Then she lifts her skirt to show her nice ass. Next she is covering her tits as she takes off her bra and then she poses totally nude, spreading her ass cheeks to show her asshole and pussy. After that she lays down on a bed with her ass in the air and then she lays on her back with her legs spread and lubricating her pussy. Then a guy comes in and she rubs his dick on her pussy and after that she sits on his dick while pinching her nipple. After that she reverse and sits some more on his dick to tease him some more. Next takes the guys dick in her hand and sucks it while another guy watches. Then she starts kissing the guy that was watching as he fingers her pussy. After that he fucks her as her lays on her and she has her legs around him. Finally he fucks her from behind she stands on all four on the bed.

Arianna Alyse

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Alexis Love Getting Hardcore

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Here is a gallery of Alexis Love from Horny Spanish Flies. In the first video clip Alexis Love is in back of a car getting a ride from a couple of guy back from a party and they are chatting. The next clip starts with a guy sucking on Alexis Love’s perky little tits and then her pulls her panties down, squeezes her ass cheek, kisses it and then slaps them a few times. In the third clip Alexis Love is kneeling on the floor, while sucking and stroking the guys cock hard. In the final movie clip Alexis Love is laying on a purple couch, resting one of her legs on the guy’s shoulder as he fucks her deep, making her boobs giggle and her squeal.

Alexis Love

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Gilda Goy Taking on Two Cocks

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Here is a video gallery of Gilda Goy from All Internal. In the first clip Gilda Goy is posing in her black lingerie and licking and sucking her finger. In the next clip Gilda Goy is kneeling on the floor totally naked except for her thigh high pantyhose and she has a dick in each hand and sucking and stroking them. In the third clip Gilda Goy is on all fours on a chair sucking one cock the is in front of her and getting fucked from behind by the other. In the fourth video clip Gilda Goy is laying on the chair with one leg in the air and resting on the guy as he fucks her hard and the other guy is stroking his dick in the background. Then she puts her leg down and lays on her side as he is still fucking her. In the final clip Gilda Goy is riding one of the guys dick reverse cowboy as he is laying on the chair and he cums in her pussy.

Gilda Goy

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Mika Tan and Gianna Lynn in a Threesome

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Here is a video gallery of Mika Tan and Gianna Lynn from Mr. Chew’s Asian Beaver. In the first clip Mika Tan and Gianna Lynn are sitting on a bed in their sexy Asian lingerie and getting interviewed. In the second clip they both take each others tops off and play and suck each others tits. The third clip starts with Gianna Lynn sucking a guys big white cock and then Mika Tan sucks his cock as Gianna strokes the cock and Mika deep throats the dick. In the final clip Gianna Lynn is on all fours, getting fucked by the guy from behind as Mika Tan is standing over Gianna’s head and has her hand on Gianna’s round ass.

Mika Tan and Gianna Lynn

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Randi Wright Stripping Nude

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Here is a picture gallery of Randi Wright from New Sensations. The gallery starts with Randi Wright posing in her sorority t-shirt and a jeans skirt on a staircase. Then she unbuttons her skirt and lowers it to show her panties and the two rose tattoos on her belly. Next she turns around and takes off her skirt completely to show her nice ass. After that she turns back around and lifts her shirt to show her tits and pierced bellybutton. Then she sits down and spreads her legs; after that stands up and takes off her shirt. She then sits down again, now with only her panties and boots on, spreading her again. Then she moves her panties over to the side to show her pussy. Next she stands up, turns around and takes off her panties. Then turns back around to show her cleanly shaved pussy. After that she crouches down again and then stands up and turns around showing more pussy.

Randi Wright

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Hot Latina, Carmen Getting Hardcore

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

Here is a gallery of sexy Latina, Carmen, from Horny Spanish Flies. In the first video clip Carmen is posing in a bikini, laying in a bed and getting interviewed. In the next clip Carmen is standing up and performing a striptease, starting with taking off her bikini top, then licking her finger, playing with her nipples and then putting her hand down her bikini bottoms. In the third clip Carmen is kneeling on the bed and sucking and stroking the guy big cock. In the final clip Carmen is lying on her side and getting fucked from behind and finally is kneeling up on the bed and waiting for the guy to cum in her mouth.


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